Free weight

 – to eat
think plan
Is it time yet?

 – look! Chocolate cake! Baguette! EVOO!
Look down. Globular.
 Breasts, diaphragm, Belly, pubic bone.
A hemisphere.

Watch! they reappear
they disappear
Watch me skinny
Watch me w i l l o w
Watch me sylph

– Dumb-bells. Bar bells. Wine glass.

– Scale – up and down
a song a voice a range a rage
Do-ray, ME, me ray Bread dough
Food Scrabble

– Is it time yet?
Pointless at 3:00 p.m.
0 points. Zero. Zero.
Wait until tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Free weight

  1. I just spent an entire week at a medical conference all about biochemistry, stress and food….. Very complex and I feel like this poem. Last day I was in rebellion and happily ate an ice cream sandwich on the way to the gluten free dairy free conference.

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