On their wedding, they drank a magnum of champagne out of the glass slipper. You see, the slipper didn’t fit the wicked stepsister because it was too big.

Drizella’s shriveled foot, swathed in thick wool, appeared to fit the slipper! “Remove those socks and try again.” Her false feet were exposed.

Cinderella’s bare size 9’s slid in with ease. The prince grinned.

The tankard-sized slippers survived the first dance and the first anniversary. Later, the Prince discovered the slippers fit him. The palace tailors were discretely consulted.

Then the shoe dropped. “It’s malarkey, Cindy. I love you not your shoes.”


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  1. Malarkey….that’s what they all say…..but at least in those days they seem to have had panty hose, or tights in men’s sizes (all the Princes in the movies do) and not just for the ballerinos…..

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