Bunny madness

Bunny madness

Harry spent the morning hiding eggs for Lady Smock’s copious great nieces and nephews, wondering about the mythology of a rabbit dropping eggs willy-nilly, cuckoo-like, for people to find. Was the bunny really god pointing out it doesn’t matter whose eggs you’ve got, be happy you’ve got an egg at all? As far as Harry could tell, the bunny was no oologist, and life was random as hell.

Thus brooding, he tripped on the way into the kitchen, dropping their fresh breakfast eggs – yolks and albumin splattered everywhere.

Lady scooped up the mess. “Look, Harry, it’s us – an accidental mess.”


5 thoughts on “Bunny madness

    • Hi Rosanna and Happy – belated – Easter. Our Easter mass featured quotes from Hindu philosophy and scientist Michael Faraday, references to Socrates and a rousing rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. I wasn’t sure what church I was in! It was great!

      My Easter posts took a dark turn – no idea why. I use free-writing as a warm up and then pick an idea generated from that and run with it. Interesting how the mind works and what gets stirred up.


      • Susanne, it seems that your writing is reflecting aspects of your life (or is it the other way around?) as far as synchronicities are concerned. I love it that you enjoyed an eclectic Easter Service without being sure what church it was – denomination doesn’t really matter, does it? Easter Sunday wasn’t so bright for me as well, but the light is emerging slowly…reminding me that Easter is not one day, but an entire 50-day season. We have time to catch up!


    • Frankly, I’m amazed at what the muse muses about when I ponder the word of the day. Boodle was the toughest one so far for some reason. The day was nearly done before something finally came to me for that one.

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