Hey diddle, diddle

They were in the pantry.

He was good at it, as you’d expect, although a bit quick – also to be expected. She hoped for – anticipated – something with greater grandeur to confirm the rumours.

Being the family diddler made him doubly intriguing. Who made up the word diddler, Blanche wondered as she wiggled. She giggled, too, thinking of a cow jumping over the moon, an idiotic metaphor for a love affair, although she definitely felt like a silly cow today.

When Lady Smock found them, Blanche wondered was she the cat and the fiddle?

She didn’t like the rhyme anymore.


3 thoughts on “Hey diddle, diddle

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  2. I’ve always associated diddle with rhymes for children – I didn’t know till now what it really means.. Ain’t it nice you were able to keep its child-like “tone” and you told this story in a so fiddly-way!

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    • I know a lot of the old nursery rhymes have dark meanings so I decided to go there without actually going there, if you know what I mean.


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