Do no harm

Tinctures and poultices from Harry’s floral harvest were tested on the estate’s feral cats. Mange was cured and gimpy legs tended – comfrey was just the ticket! Soon, the neighbours trusted their pets with his galenicals.

Crushed by a fog of despair, Lady Smock had been in bed for weeks. Her life was an elevator going down, she said, stopping along the way briefly, then slowly descending to another floor. She wanted off forever. Now.

Harry tried St. John’s Wort and failed. Physician assisted suicide was considered. Harry’s heart nearly stopped. That’s when he thought of Foxglove.

Time for tea.



14 thoughts on “Do no harm

  1. I mix herbs and do tinctures. Now I know they’re called galenicals. Hope Lady Smock will feel better. I’m beginning to care for these two unpredictable characters. 🙂


    • I’m concerned about Lady Smock, too. I hope tomorrow’s word brings happier thoughts. Hey, I bet it’s tomorrow where you are. You could look up’s word of the day for me so I can sleep on it!


  2. Now it’s legible….I thought my ancient eyes had finally decided not to see…and given that these days there is much more not to see than to see, it was confusing. Why is WordPress continually egging us on to fix things that aren’t broken?

    I am a student of suicide methods (in case I need to know one day) and foxglove might not be one of the quickest, most painless methods. Just sayin’, Lady Smock.

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    • Well, Harry is a neophyte in these matters and his patients have been cats so his experience is minimal. I’ll be sure to let him know. Poor Lady Smock!


    • I know. I’m going to go back to the simple colour. I was trying for a new look but realize much got lost in translation.


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