She’ll bust out laughing If I give her this lacy white bra – throw it in my face. It will land on my nose all agog, the fretwork revealing my old man lust.

She’ll think I’m a boob for lassoing her with a metal stay disguised as the propriety she denies as easily as she lies about her age.

She’ll know if I give her this lacy white bra, she’ll know I want to unclasp . . . .  If I give her this lacy white bra my palms will snag on the tatting, sticking, unable to pull away without tearing.

She’ll titter and take off her plain white panties with the slippery bow  –  a loopy x on a map I can’t read.

If I give her this lacy white bra she’ll take my face and guide me to an ellipsis.


18 thoughts on “Ellipsis

  1. Now this is all very mysterious to me—that flimsy garment in the photo wouldn’t do much of a holding job, I think, especially if she were indeed to BUST out laughing as the gentleman was being a BOOB.
    The other thing that puzzles me is that I thought an ellipse was a series of dots in punctuation….. and “ellipses” was the plural of ellipse. In math, an ellipse is a kind of squished circle….hmmm. I’m really out of it. But then, at this time of night I am well into my cups, and I haven’t worn a bra in decades, so I can’t be expected to keep abreast of these things.


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