Lost earring

A long drop split the air beside her clamped jawbone, dented the carpet fibers the width of a dust mite – a silent crash.

Suddenly she felt the tilt of absence, then got lost – looked in the wrong place.

Now she wears the single one mismatched.

No one notices the missing mate.



I’m on a poetry binge this month. The Lady Smock characters will return eventually but something about October pushes me to poetry so I’m just going with it. – Susanne



5 thoughts on “Lost earring

  1. I actually bought a pair of mismatched earrings once. And where, you ask? Canada, of course. I wonder where they are. I loved them. They let the customer pick and choose which ones to put together. Silver with glass beads.

"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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