Flame of all flames – hear my prayer!

Come forth from the gloaming, flame of my heart, that I may truzzle and whishle with words.

Flame of my mind mattle down. Droze not in the driss and dross of doors slapdooring.

Flingle this pen, flame of my fingers, the long slant of lea and pinch of dring-dinging.

Flame flow on, flow heart and flow mind, through fingers and hips and hair and heels.

Flame of my belly burn fear, burn doubt, burn brawl-talk, and dumb doubt, burn stupid trooper whose trumpet tringlifies my singleness.

Flame of all flames ignite! Igstorifor! Igtensor!

Flame of all flames – hear my prayer.


16 thoughts on “Exflamatory

  1. This reminds me of the conversation my mother had with my little cousin before he could “talk.” It lasted for 15 minutes without a “real” word in it, but both of them had thoroughly conversed. Loved it and a great start to a whimsical new year.

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  2. I’m gobsmacked… First you started writing pantoums, which I was doing, and then you go and write this (which I was trying to do and have pre-posted for January 10!!!!) :

    Fliddle-fladdle for frongies cacklin.

    All I can say is: Happy New Year Susanne and All bessics drongins flackle sockin!


    • That`ll teach you to postpone your posts! Strike while the nonsense is hot I always say.

      Nothing makes me happier than flackle sockin. All bessics drongins to you, too, Bruce, and a soupcon of slintocity on your finteroo!


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