Rice cracker moon

you give up the salt and the snap licking and liking stop dipping
and spreading and always regretting

don’t miss how weakly they crumble with Gouda the salt assault on
slit skin at the tip of your thumb how beer tastes better

don’t miss them mooning you hard in your mouth don’t miss wanting more
give a shit for the ritual how predictable the tickle the urge to

self-soothe and swallow the dregs of the day you suck up and refuse bite-by-bite
snap-by-snap forty days or forever in a fever of goodness


18 thoughts on “Rice cracker moon

    • You ode it to ’em. Sorry. Couldn’t resist, just like I can’t resist chips and rice crackers. And let’s not even talk about onion dip!


  1. You lenten masochists are all alike…..so holy about giving up your lust for crackers. If I wanted to be holy, I would give up firecrackers. I like your title; it captures the sense of a season (moon) in a novel way. By the way, “soothe” requires an “e” at the end, unless you mean “sooth” as in “forsooth”.


    • Hardy har. I am neither holy nor Catholic but I am intrigued by cleansing rituals. I prefer a good shower with a scented body lotion. Thank you for the correction to my typo. I’m not so hot at catching typos as well as being inept in the self-sooth department.

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