Slightly over a year ago, the characters Harry Bittercress and Lady Smock were born. I haven’t forgotten them. How could I? They are the first fictional characters I created in over 40 years and they unlocked something surprising in me. I’m sharing the start of the stories and wishing them many happy returns on their first anniversary.

wuthering bites

Harry Bittercress

Harry Bittercress’ anthesis annually astonishes
the dainty Lady Smock. Her perfect purple petals
were scolded do not settle, he’s but a common weed.
No, she didn’t listen and her pistils oh! they glisten’d
as ‘twixt the meadow and the scree
they dropped their hardy seeds
their wild and winsome progeny.

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12 thoughts on “Anthesis

  1. Llamas always get overlooked. Harry might be a bit of a cardamine hirsuta but he cares for his llamas; and that terrible cardamine pratensis doesn’t seem to care as much. Anyway, I thought the llamas deserved a mention…


  2. I remember how brilliant I thought it was of you, to come up with a couple of characters from the plant cardamine pratensis (cuckooflower or lady’s smock) and cardamine hirsuta (hairy bittercress)…so witty of you, that I even still remember those names!! And now they are not just plants, but have become “real people” in the anthesis of your stories….well developed, funny, interesting characters. Happy Anniversary, and many happy returns!


    • The names came from an English blogger called “A Tramp in the Woods” and several times a week he’d post photos and simple stories about the walks he took in “The Forest of Dean” with a dog named Fizz. He always had information about the wildflowers (or weeds) of the forest and one done he and I got going on the names of cardamine hirsuta and cardamine pratenis. That was the genesis and another wonder of the blogosphere. I don’t know what happened to him. He just stopped posting shortly after the birth of Harry and Lady Smock – one of the sad things that happen in the blogosphere.

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      • Wow! I used to follow that blog and enjoyed it immensely. I liked his whole Thoreauvian attitude to nature and society. Maybe that’s why I can recall the names of your characters/plants! That “tramp” in the Forest of Dean did announce that he was closing down his blog and after a time he planned to start a new blog, but then he just wandered into the sunset with Fizz and I never heard of anything more.


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