I don’t want to be front and centre, Harry. You know how I feel.

Vee, your kenspeckle head is famous.

No one in Kootmacs knew Vee before the scalp fire except Harry. Infamous Vee, Lady Mexican Hairless, she thought. Bald as an egg.


The hunt started. The grounds of Twist of Fate were a cat’s cradle of yarn threaded from trees to fence posts, scribbled through the bars of the fence, down the hill to the llama pen and back again. Wool rainbows hung from branches.

It was Vee’s idea, of course. The game: Untangle a thread and bring it back to her in return for a chocolate egg and a discount coupon for 10 to 40% off the farm’s signature mohair yarn.

Eager knitters and their children were tangling, untangling, retangling themselves, twirling and unwinding. Shouts of – Go left; Go right, now go around; What, I have to climb a tree? Hold it high so I can go under! – wound through the property.

Derek and Rose helped the players when they got too tangled or went wandering too close to the cliffs or decided to pet Elvis, the big black llama. Harry hung around the cash register in the barn waiting for Vee who was now officially and uncharacteristically late. image002.jpgA grandma wearing tangerine coloured sneakers and a cream coloured fair-isle cardigan that looked like a Ukranian Easter egg, waited, her winning yarn neatly rolled into a ball.

Harry heard mumbling fragments coming from the loft where the wool was dyed and dried. “Oh dear! No, no, no. Ghastly…tropical horror show….no, this is wrong.” Then a small splash followed by footsteps.

Vee darling? Are you coming? We have a winner waiting.

Vee clambered backwards down the steps which were really more like a ladder, her egg-bottom emerging first and then the back of her head which was scattered with mauve and yellow, green and pink dots. At first glance it looked like a giant bruise. Harry’s heart tightened.

Vee, luv, what happened?

She turned and smiled, her slightly yellow teeth adding to the effect. Her head and face were painted in a sunrise indigo and was evenly speckled with polka dots.

You’re a good egg, Vee.

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