What are you?

I’m a bra! What are you?
Are you – underwear – too?
She’s covered now – high and low!
Don’t look! It’s not polite – you know.

How swell – to be – a bra!
Panties too – like rebar – strong.
To have and hold – every day
Poetry in lycra – a song!


A parody of an Emily Dickinson poem called “I’m nobody! Who are you?”.


10 thoughts on “What are you?

  1. Wonderful Susanne! I have been reading a new book on Dickinson, so the poem resonates. She makes me chuckle and smile too, although the book’s premise is more about her dark and disturbing side, which I also admire. Love your sense of humor!


    • I’m not familiar with a large body of her work – just the hits like “Wild nights” and “Hope is the thing with Feathers”. I hadn’t read “I’m Nobody” and was wowed by the punctuation and the choppy rhythm. Glad you appreciated my silly approach.

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      • “Hope is the thing . . .” is one of my favorites. Her rhythms and dashes are infamous and often written about, and I never tire of hearing more about them. I’m sure that in a future blog post, I will be mentioning the book I’m reading now about her.


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