Give me a second

It’s not the hands
it’s the raised arms and
their surrender to
ticks and trips around
and around, how it’s
wound down, more tocks
more tocks – how it hits
the bottom. It
eats our seconds,
orders what to do when.
Our cotton filled ears
can’t make us not hear
the talk of the clock –
how time will tell.


This one is inspired by Kay Ryan’s poem “Cheshire” and by fellow blogger Bruce Goodman’s poem posted at Weave a Web.



3 thoughts on “Give me a second

  1. Wow, Susanne, this is breathtaking. Beautiful.
    “It eats our seconds” – what an amazing image, I will carry it along my mind for a day or so,
    …if you don’t mind.

"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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