Foggy morning breakdown

A vent hushes, pushes muzzy
stuff into the holes in my head
daily sonic wool blocks chatter
and office natter fluorescent
lights buzz above me.

Outside, shawls of fog drape
the pines mist slips around
magnolia buds and
their white flames glow still in
the engulfed air.

Make me a tree – please!
Shrouded, beaded, free.

Magnolia in the foggy forest

Photo credit: Panormio




14 thoughts on “Foggy morning breakdown

    • Me, too, Julie. And now we have this gawdawful “noise reduction” thing that is like a low hum or a whoosh that pumps out of a speaker or something Orwellian in the ceiling that is supposed to reduce hearing other “noise” like colleagues talking. It feels like I’m in some kind of sensory deprivation tank. Lord, make me a tree!

    • Right outside my work window (a window that makes me happy, let me tell you) is a small stand of pines and if I crane my neck I can see a wee magnolia tree. Lucky me!

"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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