Dopey me

I squint
reject sense
decide – yes

Fletcherized fire
on the tip of my tongue
milk chocolate bright
like sunlight sprayed
on a silver car

I dive in saliva pools
I am a hot high
beam at midnight
overdriving I can’t

guilt creeps
swells like a
compost bag
bulging with coffee
grounds and sheared
corn cobs and ragged
lettuce bottoms
it seeps

Ripped apart
dopamine gone
I vow now
to diet.

(Inspired by the word of the day “Fletcherize”.)


3 thoughts on “Dopey me

  1. Was Horace Fletcher an ancestor of yours, Susanne? He would be very upset at your binge, here, and counsel you to his dictum of chewing very, very slowly, a million times, so the actual amount consumed would be very small when your brain caught up with your stomach…an effective way of dieting, I’m told.

    On the other hand, there’s a rumor about that too much mastication can make you blind.

    • I was unaware of Horace Fletcher’s contributions to nutritional science before learning this word but had a good chuckle when it popped up in my e-mail the other day. For the record, I thoroughly masticated the first bite of chocolate which I blame for the subsequent binge which leads me to the comment that mastication is overrated.

"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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