Number 11s

Railroaded time in tracks
‘twixt my eyes – the trip to 59.

Daily squints, become grooves with
ties to hindsight – sometimes –

but no regrets not even when
the twin in the mirror thickens

and I flinch at the nicks of time
and the span that lies

between the 11s, the age
I don’t feel inside.





Number 11s

13 thoughts on “Number 11s

  1. Nice Sue. My granddaughter just yesterday told her grandmother “you have cracks around your eyes” out of the mouths of babes.


  2. I’ve been thinking so much (too much) about aging. I “got” the “11’s” right off and I totally get that aging doesn’t mean feeling or even quite believing in older. Also, very nice pic. Thanks!


    • I can’t wait. Maybe math will finally make sense to me. By the way, BG, (makes you sound like a Wall Street ad executive, eh?), thanks for continuing to visit and read even though you’re now a blogging recluse. I appreciate you showing up on my humble site.

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  4. Oh, how I wish I were literate enough to understand this. But I *love* the photo. There’s no doubt you’re a class act. Keep smilin’, kiddo, you do wonders for the concept.


    • Aww. Thank you kindly, Josh. The #11’s refer to the two lines between my eyes that made me think of railroad tracks and the journey of life and how I got here. Really, there’s nothin’ fancy here. Just me looking in the mirror and realizing I look my age when inside I feel like I’m at least 20 years younger.


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