Kip Hofias

Between lovers a little confession is a dangerous thing. – Helen Rowland

“What kind of name is Kip Hofias,” Harry asked Vee, handing her the envelope noting the return address in Vancouver.

“A magician’s name.”

Vee held the letter at arm’s length pinched between her white knuckled thumb and index finger.

“I used to love his magic.”

“I didn’t know.”

Vee yanked open the kitchen junk drawer. The bottom fell out.

“I forgot it needed mending.”

Vee crawled on the floor, scrabbling through packets of curry powder and nasturtium seeds, push pins and shoe polish, twine and a llama comb, stray teabags, coffee grounds and broken birthday candles until she found the lighter, which she handed to Harry.

“Light it.”

Harry hung the envelope over the sink. The flame bit the corner and chewed through the contents spitting ashes into the stainless steel basin where they hissed and sizzled, mixing with the smell of chlorine from Vee’s earlier scrubbing. The sink ignited. Vee calmly left the room telling Harry the fire extinguisher was in the pantry.

A piece of paper fluttered into Harry’s hands like a scarf from a magician’s hat. He read the scrap: “I don’t want starbursts and marble halls. I just want you.”*

*L.M. Montgomery from Anne of Green Gables


I’m playing the 3-day quote challenge and was inducted by Sharon at Riverbed and I thank her most heartily and encourage you to have a look at her site.

I’m highlighting three of my favourite bloggers and they are welcome to play or just bask in the limelight of the traffic to their blogs. Should Derrick, Donna, and Luanne (gosh, that sounds like the name of a folk trio) wish to play, please pick three quotes for three days and select three different nominees each day. Be sure to thank the person who nominated you and let the nominees know you’ve tagged them. Easy as shaving a llama in the rain!

Here are my nominees:

  • Derrick Knight whose garden photography inspires me (and who is responsible for the name of today’s story. Go look at this post to see if you can figure out how Kip Hofia got his name.)
  • Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weider whose name inspires me
  • Luanne Castle whose dedication to her writing craft inspires me

And for a soundtrack to today’s story, here’s Bonnie Raitt.


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  3. I was wondering how you’d managed to use the contents of my drawer in your piece today since you’ve never been in my kitchen when I got to the challenge part. I’m very honored. If it needs to be 3 consecutive days, I’ll have to revel in the limelight, too. Otherwise, I’d LOVE to accept 🙂


  4. Many thanks, Susanne. Fun story and you’ve got me in good company. I really can’t manage, however, anything more than my own daily posting and reading all those I follow, so I’ll have to decline the challenge and bask in the limelight instead.

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