“Doubt truth to be a liar”*


Part II (The first part can be found here.)

The scrap of paper browned and curled at the edges and a faint blue flame ringed the words “I don’t want starbursts and marble halls. I just want you.” The paper combusted as though hastened by a deep breath. Ashes fell between Harry’s fingers and floated to a white square on the black and white checkerboard linoleum where Vee rubbed them with her foot, smudging the white grey.

“I cherish you,” he said and then he sawed me in half. After that he turned me into a pelican and it took a week to pluck all the feathers out of my hair. I smelled like a wet chicken for months. In our quick change act he left me naked on stage so I pulled his top hat over my face and all the hidden scarves escaped and slid down me like Salome’s seven veils.  That was the end of the magic.

Harry listened. Through the window he watched ground mist rise as Rose fed the newest cria a handful of vitamin D pellets. Mist obscured their legs and they glided like ghosts in the paddock. He dared not blink. If he did the pools of water contained by his lower lids would flood their rims and Vee would know.

Kip exhaled, felt the flames glow and grow. His words burned. He smiled as Harry wept and it was good.

He whispered “Only I can cherish you.”

*Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.”
Shakespeare – Hamlet

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3 thoughts on ““Doubt truth to be a liar”*

  1. Just one of those dreamy, serpentine storylines just brimming with surprises. I didn’t want it to end! Love AOGG (the Lucy Maud Montgomery reference), those seven veils with all their capricious wit, and the charred bits smoking in Harry’s fingers as he mourned the loss of innocence. You are AMAZING!

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    • I had to have some Canadian content in here somewhere so why not a classic? Harry and Vee. Their saga is never-ending. So much life to mine from both of them.


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