Don’t quote me

This is the last post for a quote challenge and I’ve elected to use a different blog to finish off. Apologies, Sharon, for not adding more bloggers. Time got away from me like beads from a broken necklace.


They have been at a great feast of languages, and stolen the scraps.
from Love’s Labour’s Lost – Shakespeare

Advice I am ignoring: Read widely.

According to literary pundits, reading widely will make me a better writer. However, if you work full time and have a few kids to raise, and take seriously the other pundit proclamation that to be a good writer you must write – a lot – what’s a body to do?

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    • I maintain two blogs, Simon, just to drive myself crazy. The other one is non-fiction blather versus Wuthering Bites which is my warehouse of attempts at poetry and fiction. I post intermittently on both sites.

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