Denim skin

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This latté cost more than these jeans
bought at the thrift store next door –
a balanced economy, declined and consumable.

But why declined? Weight loss? Lost firm cheeks
and rounded hips? Or joy in weight gained,
a plump September plum, a mended bum?

Now mine, decline stalled for a time.
Washed and let down, tight,
girdle-like, waist band low slung

my middle age spills over front and back
a lot of derrière hidden back there
by shirt tails draped appropriately.

As I sit, threads stretch and I grow
comfortable in this worn denim
skin, declining economically.

16 thoughts on “Denim skin

  1. This post I could so relate to your inexpensive nicely decorated jeans and the “fancy” coffee cost, Susanne.
    I actually rationalize if something saves me money, that I expected to spend in the first place, then I may spend more money elsewhere.
    I was spending a lot per week on coffees in local cafes, until my DIL offered me a used Keurig coffee machine for $15. I went to Big Lots and bought 42 K-cups for $15 and lasted a month of Carmel macchiato’s= $30. Then the 2nd month, of course, it was just the big box of flavored coffees = $15. The only guilty feeling I cannot get over is the un-ecological part being little plastic cups in the trash. . .


    • Have “high-waisted” jeans become a trend down-under? While they are not the most flattering of jeans, I think they are an improvement of the hip riding style which forces excess flesh to fold over the top. Its hard to find flattering jeans, isn’t? I’m not sure which is worse: bathing suit shopping or jeans shopping.

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