Maple leaf diva

This singing maple tree
and her choir of leaves bless
me with an airy cantata.

My morning window shines with
her boisterous benediction,
of clattering copper voices,

golden gusto, frenzied
notes conducted by October
wind. They reach a climactic

crescendo and then an
aria vaults high, all
noting her quickening

descent once free. The song
ends. Ground laid again for
next year’s hallelujah encore.


Sawmill Creek maples


23 thoughts on “Maple leaf diva

    • It came in a moment of inspiration walking by my bedroom window. If I knew more about guitar playing I could have used that metaphor instead. Thanks to Hannah’s years in a choir, this one came easily. Thanks, Jean. Your reading my poetry means a lot, as you know.

"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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