The minute taker

Sitting beside a man who uses a scalpel and
who knows what’s inside your brain can be

You know in your heart, a part he doesn’t
know, your consciousness a stream that cannot
be seen,

the flow beneath your dura mater
and pia mater*, all the words carried –

He sees only grey matter, no matter
how profound his skill, no matter how sharp
his scalpel.

With relief you think you are your own prime
mover and your secrets are safe from the
brain beside you.

*Dura mater is Latin for “tough mother” and “pia mater” is Latin for “tender mother” and that, along with subarachnoid mater, are parts of the meninges that surround the brain and the spinal cord.



15 thoughts on “The minute taker

  1. Brains were my area of study. Although I was on the research side, I used to love the pathology seminars we would occasionally attend, especially if they related to a patient I had studied in life. That probably sounds macabre, but I genuinely wanted to know why his or her brain had failed to process information the way most of us do.


    • That is fascinating, Hilary. Do you mean there were obvious and visible organic things in the brain that caused it to function a particular way? Is psychopathy visible?


  2. Damn this stream of consciousness! Is nothing secret anymore? Your pen is as sharp as a surgeon’s blade. I’m off back to my alma mater to listen to Alma Cogan.


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