Performance appraisal 2017


Will work for cookies.


Pat stamps fast tracks –
tap tap taps.
Baas assays Pat’s annals,
yack yack yacks,
alarms Pat. Nay ‘scape.
Can’t sass. Facts am facts.

Pat drafts a brash plan,
charts tasks, basks –
ha ha ha – all’s grand and
all that. At last, Baas marks
Pat A1 – nay spat – pays scant.
Alas, tax man grabs all back.


8 thoughts on “Performance appraisal 2017

  1. Hi Susanne, the prompt elicited a unique “style” from you! Chuckle, chuckle. We call this dreaded thing “PDP” Performance Development Plan…..And you know what, like Maggie wrote above, I have now been adding a teaspoon of organic Cacao to my daily coffee and it is heaven! And again, Cynthia has made her way into this post as well. I don’t believe any of us will ever get used to her passing….

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  2. This is so true, made me smile while I winced at the pain of it all! I have no idea what style this is in, if it is indeed a ‘style’, but it is most cleverly wrought Susanne 🙂

    I was also drawn back to your previous post and read it and all the comments again. It was Cynthia’s birthday on the 24th (my 25th) and I spent some time with her, I think saying ‘goodbye’ for real. It’s taken a while to absolutely accept there will be no more emails, comments, posts.


    • The poem isn’t a style – at least I don’t think it is. It came from a prompt I received from Poets and Writers to only use one vowel in every word in a poem. I had written a drippy, morose, self-indulgent, wa-wa poor me poem about the annual performance appraisal process and wasn’t happy with it. Then I saw this prompt and decided to come at it from a different approach. It was fun!

      I’m still not used so Cynthia’s absence but I guess it will resolve over time.

      Take care, Pauline.


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