Scene from a train

we rumble-clatter-rumble-clatter by
cracked grey barns
school buses in the yard
deer hobbyhorses support
falling sky
turkeys forage orts

we rumble-clatter-rumble-clatter by
hummock split ice skins
earth spits broken cars
snow striped furrows overflow
tarped boat chain gangs
hoisted high and dry wait
ice fingers point
buckshot birds bloom
against sky
we rumble-clatter-rumble-clatter by

Black-light purple sky last light
exposes all before the curtain falls.

13 thoughts on “Scene from a train

    • Oh O! You are so generous with your comments. Thank you.

      Traveling by train is my favourite way to get from A to B. I particularly love the butt end of the world you tend to see as you whiz by – all the back alleys and places you don’t see when you hurtle down a highway.

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