Darling starlings

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Dozens of alarm clocks squawk
– these darling starlings –

speak sun, speak beams,
speak corn snow soon to go,

squawk sun loaded bullets
to snow below – warning squawks fired.

Light flickers behind our shut eyes,
the Greek Chorus sings: yellow beaks

speak spring, speak spring! Awake!
We are here. We are here!


21 thoughts on “Darling starlings

  1. Lovely piece. Reading this makes me realize how much I have missed a long winter and slow transition into spring. We are in full swing spring at the moment here in France, indeed even summer-like weather. Your talk of corn snow makes me nostalgic….although I know that must sound crazy to winter-weary Canadians.


    • I can’t take credit for the photo but the words are all mine. Starlings ARE pretty and so are Grackles and cowbirds and even ravens and crows. I think I’m drawn to finding beauty in the commonplace. Thanks for reading and offering your thoughts! So nice to meet you in the blogosphere.

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      • Exactly! They are all pretty in their own way. Once, while searching Google for a certain sparrow species, I came across an article on the Common Sparrow. It stated how these little birds represent not overlooking the small or the commonplace in life. That stuck with me. Changed my viewpoint on other things as well… Happy to meet you too! I’ll look forward to visiting often.


  2. I’ve never thought of them as darling….they arrive in droves and eat all the seed from my feeders, chasing off every other bird. But your photo and words make them a little more acceptable. I’ll just go put more seed in the feeders now.


    • I’ve never thought of them as darling before either but when you’ve had a winter as long as the one we’ve had this year, you reach for any tidings of spring! And how generous of you to share your seeds! The starlings thank you.

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    • They crack me up in the summer when I see them early in the morning scuttling through the grass hunting for whatever it is they eat in the grass – seeds? I think they’re quite pretty with their white dotted backs on their iridescent backs but when they hang out in neighbouring trees and screech en masse they sure are noisy brutes.

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    • thank you, Pauline! I don’t like Starlings much in the summer when they raid our cherry tree but I love them in the spring because they are harbingers.


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