The source


Even in rain
blooms lean to light

even in rain
sing sun an ovation

even in rain
grasp glory

glory even
even in rain.




19 thoughts on “The source

  1. Three weeks of hot (for the North of England) sun and everything feels lovely. Three days of steady rain and everything is greener, sweeter, refreshed and smelling like tomorrow.

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  2. Your poem insists on the silver lining even when summer refuses to shine. I like it! We had one of those summers this year – it didn’t stop raining until; autumn………… But then we had a lovely summery autumn and so fa a fairly benign winter so I guess it’s just the seasons shifting………


  3. Someday I will attempt to write poetry, but I fear I’ll end up writing sentences and paragraphs and using punctuation and grammar and other non-poemy stuff. I just don’t know how to open up a vein of emotional effluvia and allow myself to bleed out. So you see, novelists have fears, too. 😉

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    • If all this rain were snow my husband would be a happy man. Rivers haven’t gone down since the spring melt in April from the barrage of rain. On the up side, the garden, despite the lack of sun is thriving.


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