Yoga for Yoda*

Do or do not. There is no try. – Yoda

Several times a month, I write a post for this blog whether I want to or not. Kind of like having sex after being married for 37 years. It can be a grind. It starts slowly, reluctantly even, then gradually it starts to work. The brain and body connect and everything starts to flow – blog-wise I’m talking. Well, sex-wise too I suppose.

Some people think that all bloggers are egocentric, attention seeking narcissists who, if we had anything interesting to say, would write books that people cared enough to read. My response to this?

          Urm. Put a shield on my saber I must. – Susanne



Toronto-August 2017

Perhaps these disparagers only experiences are on Tumblr where, god knows, there is no shortage of selfies in various states of undress and worse. You tumble in
Tumblr and you wish sweaty-palmed Lewis Carroll would hand you a little bottle labeled “drink me” so you could go somewhere normal.

I harbour no illusions about my blogging practice. It is yoga for my mind. Without it, be I would not. It is a creative outlet in a life that is filled with long to-do lists and days that puff along like a cold vapour and disappear behind me. It’s a life-blog, blog-life metaphor, for those of you who enjoy such things. Yes, the blog is ephemeral and I’m only as good as my last post, but it’s a record. Proof that I exist. I blog, therefore I am. Virtual graffiti: I was here.


Rush Lane – Toronto – August 2017


Every day I dip into WordPress where I am humbled to meet ordinary folks with unique voices writing about their lives, their thoughts in fiction, poetry, and prose, through photography and art.  To dismiss millions of bloggers is to dismiss the human need for self-expression and the quest for understanding of our individual cosmos.

To see a world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palms of your hand
and eternity in an hour. – William Blake

I have learned from bloggers to see the extraordinary in the ordinary; to relish the memories of others and nurture my own; to listen to and ponder the opinions of those different than mine; to listen to the voices that might not otherwise be heard.

Thankful, I am. – Susanne


Thankful for these bloggers today –

Think Anew, Act Anew – David Keith Law – If he weren’t a lawyer, he’d be writing opinion essays for The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, or the Washington Post. Clear, sharp, elegant and eloquent prose on politics, law practice, poetry, pop culture.

The Zombies Ate My Brains  – Maggie Wilson – An eclectic blogger, I love Maggie’s, candour, humour, and humanity.

Harvesting Hecate – Andrea Stephenson – A writer who muses about the muse, her style is lyrical and magical and when I read her posts I feel dreamy and optimistic and happy to be an inhabitant of the same planet.

*This is a post from a previous blog. Thankful for Menomama3’s archives, too.



41 thoughts on “Yoga for Yoda*

  1. Some people think all bloggers are egocentric, attention seeking narcissists. For shame! Nevertheless, it happens to be true in my case–a megalomaniac blogger marooned on a small, galluptious island ( a sort of voluntary exile from the vulgarities of the world, if truth be told).

    Of course your Cartesian thinking resonates with me, proving incontrovertibly that we are somewhat similar. Who would have thunk it?

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      • If you are a blogster, you might as well be megalomaniacal–it’s one of the small pleasures of life, ranking just below having sex after the age of one hundred.

        Incidentally, there are over three hundred islands around these parts, many of which are presently uninhabited, some buyers maintaining it is difficult to build a castle on a shard of time-tempered lava; nevertheless, I recognize that we may some day be neighbors, exchanging views on which literary techniques might help to cement our position as authors without an audience.

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  2. How did you put your blog name in that beautiful photo? Ah, blogging. What is it for? I love the communication with others in a way that feels more positive and less anxiety-provoking than Facebook, ick. But it’s more. It organizes my mind in a similar way to writing, but because I am not focused on creating “perfection,” I can just have the fun of it. This is weird, but a small part of blogging is similar to class prep, which I used to love. Not sure I understand that one, but I can feel it there in the corners.


    • Hi Luanne, I used an on-line photo editing site called “PicMonkey” and there is an option to overlay a photo with text. It’s pretty easy. A monkey could do it which is why I was able. I’m glad to hear you find FB anxiety provoking. Ultimately, that’s why I left. I was more often irritated or feeling less than happy and downright anxious so it was time to go. And i agree with you that one of the joys of blogging is that the work is casual and it is freeing to not have to worry about every word, sentence and paragraph structure.

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      • I LOVE Picmonkey, but have never done anything as cool as you did. Picmonkey and Zamzar are my favorite sites :). Yes, lots of FB anxiety. Ugh.


  3. Yesterday, just before I left my country of origin to return home to Tuscany, my father surprised me by saying that it was me who worked most of all. Seeing that I don’t do much else than take photographs and blog, pro bono and all, I was taken aback. “You work by doing what you like not what you must.” It is even possible that it was said without sarcasm.

    But yes, I’ve heard the ego version from others.

    I learn through blogging and from bloggers too. The connections we make in this way are in a way purer than if we were bound by some sort of buy and sell. We visit each other’s blogs because we want to.

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  4. Grateful I am for the fabulous mention, thank you Susanne 🙂 This made me laugh all the way through – fortunately I’ve never delved into the world of Tumblr, but I agree that it’s wonderful to read the perspectives of all those different bloggers.

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  5. My website got hacked, and I was out of commission for a very long time as they rebuilt the website. I developed itchy fingers—where to put my thoughts without my blog? Even more, I found myself wondering what my blogging friends were up to. How were their lives flowing? Had I missed something critical? Did they miss me? Wonder if I’d run away without saying goodbye? Nice to be back in the swing of things.


    • I wondered where you went and what happened, Ellen. I thought perhaps you were up to your eyeballs in novel revision and I hoped it wasn’t illness that was keeping you away from your blogging neighbours. Is your site up and running again?


  6. Honoured to have a mention, thank you, darlin’ ❤

    I, too, love the graffiti analogy. Even though there are downsides to the art, I truly admire the colourful and creative “oeuvre.” I'm talking about graffiti AND blogging. And sex, too, to be honest. 😉

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    • Rush Lane in Toronto is where Rick Mercer films “Rick’s Rant”. We happened to be having lunch nearby and my daughter’s friend mentioned that it was nearby so we had to see it. It goes on for several blocks and has a couple of branches. It’s quite a fun site.

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  7. Give up do not … yours is a wonderful voice and even though you may not write for anyone but you, you give the greatest of pleasure. Far more pleasure than watching an unfeasibly lithe woman extolling the virtue of Yoga-ing all her life. Which could be construed as downright undermining to those of us who’ve wasted most of our lives not striking downward dog or tree poses 🙂

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    • I briefly dabbled in yoga about 10 years ago – as I approached the big five-o – thinking it would keep my young and limber. And then I had a back injury and that was that. No more sun salutations for me. But I’m still writing. When I had that back injury I discovered I could write lying down on my side. I blogged on but I yoga no more.

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  8. Your comment about bloggers helping me see the extraordinary in the ordinary is true for me too. much like you – your words shed a spotlight on things that are there, but I’ve never tried to put words to 🙂

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    • It is a strange petrie dish, this WordPress world. Like Joey, this is by far my favourite social media, because the only way it works is by making connections. A simple “like” doesn’t work here. There’s effort required and the effort comes through in the sincerity of the posts. I also love the way people are so sincere in their writing.


      • I’ve never put my finger on it quite that way … “the only way it works is by making connections” … but that’s exactly it!! Those who love WP stay for that reason. The effort is real, but so are the benefits 🙂

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  9. I love blogging for all the same reasons. Self-expression of some selves is truly entertaining, enlightening, thought-provoking.
    WP is by far my favorite ‘social media’ although Instagram is a close second, because it’s merely visual pleasure and requires little actual interaction.
    Rush Lane’s graffiti would be a big hit on Instagram.


  10. My daughter is fond of grinning at me and quoting Yoda whenever I sigh and say I will try…… and not being a fan of the world view of Descartes I respond ‘I am, therefore I blog’ 🙂 And this, this I love: ‘I have learned from bloggers to see the extraordinary in the ordinary; to relish the memories of others and nurture my own; to listen to and ponder the opinions of those different than mine; to listen to the voices that might not otherwise be heard.’ Well said Susanne! This is the reason why I float around in this ephemeral sphere – and add in also the relationships that build over time – a modern kind of pen-friend phenomenon which I find is quite extraordinary!

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