Eco Fem 10

That didn’t go well.

I told them to read the comments in her blog. That’s where the truth is. I’ve got nothing to hide. Not a goddam thing. I told them everything.

The cop says “What’s the state of your marriage?”
I say “17 years.”
“That’s not a state, sir, that’s a number.”
“It’s also a state.”
And the cop says “Maybe that’s the problem.”

I gave him the tombstone details. The clothes she was wearing, the car license plate “ECO FEM 10”, the colour – housefly black. What’s housefly black? Crow black. A void.

You question everything when something like this happens. And I can tell you this. It isn’t my fault. Absolutely not. She takes off and somehow it’s my fault?

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January 6th Just Jot It January prompt is stream of consciousness Saturday and to use “eco” in the post. In all honesty, the draft for this entry was a stream of consciousness but I whittled it to this. I know, I know. Cheating again!

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18 thoughts on “Eco Fem 10

        • Now I’m really curious. Was the presentation on ecofeminism in literature or a general accounting of what it is? I did some reading today and came across an interesting thesis comparing two pieces of fiction through an ecofeminist perspective. Honestly, I never knew this was an academic area of study or a “thing”. I’m fascinated.


          • It was a general account of what it is – at the time, which was 1991 or so, it was people like Mary Daly and Susan Griffin – I believe it’s developed since then but I’m a bit out of touch – my degree was in Women’s Studies, so it wasn’t an unusual type of subject.

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    • The process is scary and is slightly uncomfortable. I truly have no plan at all. I’m guided by the prompts and vaguely by what I wrote the day before. I can see where later in the month I might have to do some conscious story-boarding and paying attention to the characters and who I’ve created.

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    • I’m a painfully slow writer. Almost as slow a writer as I am a reader. I kind of like the on-demand writing, too, although I think if I hit a vein I may keep writing but I haven’t reached that point yet.


    • Yes, I’m sure I may be confusing some regular readers with my new concentration on fiction. I needed to shake up the routine a bit. Thanks for taking the time to go back and read. Who knows where this is going?

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"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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