Humiliation 101

You know the scene in someone else’s life where the wronged lover goes home and pitches the bastard’s belongings out a second floor window into a heap on the driveway? Ties, underwear, pants, shirts, suit jackets, lycra cycling shorts, x-country skis, an exploded can of shaving cream with blobs scattered like snowball chances in hell, smashed bottles of cologne, a toothbrush and his fluoride-free toothpaste – also exploded – his prize collection of The Clash, Sex Pistols and Green Day vinyl thrown like Frisbees into the neighbours yards and the album covers doused with his $50 bottle of extra virgin olive oil and organic, free range honey?

Well, a month after Randy moved in with Moira, he went through the paper recycle bin. and picked out stuff that shouldn’t have been there, piled it neatly at the garage door and left her a note.

Image result for paper recycling ottawa black box

Thought you’d like to see how far I’ve progressed since we met. The pizza box and some tissues were in with the paper recycling and I’m pretty sure they should go in the green bin. Love you.

His superior sorting skills and attention to detail humiliated her and then she felt further humiliation at her inability to accept this household chore role reversal. Why shouldn’t he be the sorter? When did sorting the paper recycling become a gender assigned role? Wasn’t it a good thing that he wasn’t bound by his position as a non-sorter? Shouldn’t she be happy that her mate had a fluid approach to gender roles?

She felt stupid for her humiliation so she thanked him. Told him what a super job he’d done and vowed she’d curb her natural carping inclinations. And then she felt like a failed ecofeminist for beating herself up.

Humiliate is the Just Jot it January prompt du jour. 



13 thoughts on “Humiliation 101

  1. These small things, SO MANY small things, are the kindnesses and rituals that make or break a relationship. My life is full of them. And some of them are little battles we neither one can win. “If you don’t like shampooing the carpet, stop wearing your shoes in the house.” (DUH)
    18 years, he’s wearing his shoes right now and he just shampooed this floor two weeks ago. (TSK)

    We don’t have to sort here. It all goes into a recycle bin. We’re good. But maybe we wouldn’t be so good if we had to examine a list and sort specifics.

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    • In Ottawa, soiled cardboard fast food containers go in the green bin (compost) as do tissues. Randy read the website and then tackled the black box (paper recycling). Honestly, you need a degree to be eco friendly! Nope, he didn’t find your watch!


      • I agree with you about trying to remember what goes where. I’ve just spent the last several minutes reading through our ‘rules’ and learned a few things I didn’t know.
        Our pizza boxes go in the recycling (empty of course), but I couldn’t find Kleenex.

        … and I’ll just have to keep looking for the watch and hope it didn’t somehow end up in the garbage.

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  2. Olive oil and honey …. filed just in case I need to give advice at any stage 😉

    Still going from strength to strength, Ma’am … your gear changes are smooth and point-perfect in this series.

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    • Grrr. I’m one of those annoying people who rearranges the dishwasher after my family puts in their dishes. I know. I know. I should talk to someone about this compulsion.


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