“A friend told me I needed to do something I don’t normally do, so I came here.”

“This your first time at Mello’s? What do you think?”

“I wouldn’t come here again.”


“I was expecting something different.”


“Something not so old and run down and a fire hazard.”


Snow waffle – no calories!

Just Jot It January and One-liner Wednesday, a combo as divine as waffles and maple syrup. Mmmm.


5 thoughts on “Opinionated

  1. Dear friends,

    When I first posted this at 2300 EST (Canada) yesterday, the title read “Opiniated”. WTF? Note to self: Do not post past your bedtime. The title has been corrected. In future, I invite you “likers” to tell me what a dolt I am and to correct my spelling!


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"The river flows both ways." (Margaret Laurence)

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