Crow cloud talk talk talks

Crazy black car coming fast. Coming fast. Coming fast. Could crash. Crash. Crash. Crazy car lady follows. Follows. Car follows. Why follow why follow why follow. Make car go. Far. Go far away. Go far away. We’re going to dark. Dark. Dark. Can’t come. Can’t come. Quick. Cover in clouds. Cover. Cover. She quarreled. Crazy quarrel. Can’t control. Can’t. Go back. Go back. Crazy car go back. Can’t stop running. Can’t stop. Crows can’t help. Can’t help. Bad luck. Bad. Luck. Luck. Luck. Keep moving. Keep ahead. Chase chase chase car. Human curse. Humans curse crows. Crows know. Humans can’t. Can’t know. Can’t know. Dark dark dark. Hide. Call crazy car, tell go. Tell. Who do. Who do. Who can crash who can crash skull go inside talk talk talk human. Cluck tongue cluck human tongue. Clash. Certain clash. Crave she craves. Craves us. Call her. Call call call. Crack her head cage. Crawl inside. Crawl crawl crawl. Find why. Crazy car. Keeps coming. Fast. Fast. Fast. Keep coming. Car crash. Car crash. No tricks no tricks. Calm. Clear. Quick. Help her.

SoC Saturday & Just Jot it January

Fun discovery today: In preparing to write today’s post, I looked up crow symbolism and in particular what the meaning of a particular number of crows means so I Googled “counting crows” and up came this fabulous band called Counting Crows. Those of you who already know them can laugh at me but I feel I’ve made a most marvelous discovery. Here’s a song I like. 

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  1. No laughing here … you have introduced me to a possible new obsession. And what you wrote …. I am quite breathless, heart pumping, head spinning.


    • Aren’t they terrific? I kept listening to song after song wondering “How did I miss them?” Probably because I don’t listen to pop radio or subscribe to streaming services. And my kids listen to music through their earphones so if they know them I never would have heard them. Such is the strange phenomenon of listening to music in the 21st century. I remember when I was a teen listening to popular radio, my mother being fascinated by some songs so much so that she bought a cassette recorder and recorded them so she could replay and replay and replay as she transcribed the lyrics.

      As for the crow cloud, it was supposed to be a stream of consciousness from the POV of the crows being followed by Moira running away from her life. I was trying to repeat the patterns of crows cawing.

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      • I now officially LOVE your mother for that. This century has altered music or rather how we listen to it and I have yet to catch up and I don’t think it’s for the better, to be frank. I still buy CDs and I still play music on the wireless in the car and on my hifi (is that still a thing?) in my home and I like the sharing it brings. The nod from a stranger sitting in a traffic queue when they catch a waft of a song playing in my car with the window down and the living space drenched in something that you or someone you love has chosen. It is less isolating, more joining. But my children, like yours have their ears plugged to the device that they have downloaded to or their Spotify or whatever the hell and I don’t think it’s progress. But then my Grandmother probably thought it was not progress that we no longer stood round the piano and sung. Somewhere we get left behind but I am so glad you have found me this band because I am not possibly but certainly obsessing over finding everything they have ever done – perfectly perfect and thank you!

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        • And speaking of sharing, it is cold as a teeth drowning in a milkshake here so last night, after being housebound by frigid air, we decided to go OUT to a movie rather than watch NetFlix. It appears we were not alone in out desire to watch a movie in public because ALL theatres were packed and the movie we went to see was sold out! Back home to watch Netflix we went.

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          • That is masterly description *cold as teeth drowning in a milkshake* …. what an abject bummer to decide to go the traditional route only to find everyone else has and there’s no room at the inn. Seems to me that if that is the status quo there is a call for more cinémas 😊

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  2. Nicely done 🙂
    Counting Crows is not new to me, but I’m not laughing, either. Their song Mr Jones was overplayed on the radio, so I’m glad you chose Round Here.

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  3. With all that crow research you should have enough material for quite a few crow pieces :). I love crows, except for their interest in red meat. But I love humans, too, who have an interest in red meat. This piece feels like you’re channeling Gertrude Stein.

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