Konked out

This jot’s got no juice. There’s no justice!


Rideau Canal skateway, Ottawa – January 8, 2018

Justice is the prompt for Just Jot It January today.


8 thoughts on “Konked out

      • That is so cool! I had a colleague from Ottawa and he said his father worked in government and often skated to work. I’ve skated the Rideau twice–loved the idea but was kind of disappointed in the experience. I’m a very nervous skater, most comfortable on a rink, and got kind of freaked out. But I’m still glad I did it!

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        • I’m a nervous skater, too, and I definitely avoid skating on the canal at night. I need to see the ice and all its bumps and crevasses. But I overcome my fear in the day because the experience is generally joyful and people who are skating are all happy to be there. I’ve noticed no one reads their phones while on the canal. They are totally in the moment. Except when they stop to take a selfie. But that’s different.


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