Fantastic moon

I’ll tell you
what’s fantastic:
that lycanthropic
spotlight moon,
that belly swelling
moon silk skin
stretched so thin
a tiny hand waves
at you – you lunatic –
gibbering gibbous
thoughts summoning
moonlit nirvana under
a blue moon, a wolf

What is a Blue Moon?

Photo credit: Farmers’ Almanac

Just Jot It January: Fantastic





16 thoughts on “Fantastic moon

    • Someone else commented they didn’t know what the poem was about and I get that since I was just playing with words and images. It was an enchanting moon, though, and I’m glad that came through.

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    • I don’t know what it means either. I just liked the sound of the words – many of them cliches – used to describe the moon. I was playing with language. Thanks for saying its pretty. I think its pretty too!


    • I have you to thank for this month long madness! I have to say, though, forcing myself to write every day has benefits. I’ve completely divested myself of the idea that you have to be inspired to write. Its totally a matter of sitting down and doing it. The output isn’t necessarily great but its the practice that counts. Anyway, thanks for getting me on board the Jot train, Joey!

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