Speaking of gerunds*


*For MB


14 thoughts on “Speaking of gerunds*

    • Hi Shubha, you’re back! Lovely to see you again. I’m so pleased you looked up the word because otherwise the poem is kind of flat.

      I recently rediscovered the joy of handwriting when I took an on-line writing course and was advised to write first drafts by hand because it slows us down and makes us engage with our thoughts. I’ve found this to be true.

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  1. What is this thing you do with ink and paper, by hand, no less! A keyboard is the only thing which separates me from my Neanderthalness. Yes, I’m jealous of you Cromagnons with your cursive and your parts of speech. Fie on you and your creativity. Fie!

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    • I have a fountain pen and I enjoy writing with it. It makes me slow down and form the letters carefully. Its kind of meditative and I thought in this case well suited to the poem.

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