Respect me!


Oaken and frozen

You don’t hear his command,
so he delivers a bitter reprimand
and takes you down with a hard smack.
He teaches you a lesson with a whack
to the knee, a stab in your low back.

You take the abuse because you know
the slip was your fault – you owe
him attention, must give him his due.
But you blame the squirrel whose legs
wheeled unable to tread, a frozen ordeal
on the shiny white crust and you laughed.
Squirrel karma, ice drama.

Wounded, you howl inside, deny ice
any pleasure, and rise,
creep, creep, creep, so slow
you see bodies under his coat,
your future, and thank him for
the hint of your imminent sclerosis.

But not today. Today, you stand, perfumed
with fear and walk on. Later a bruise blooms
blue and yellow, and reassures you
spring is coming soon.


Blue suits you.


13 thoughts on “Respect me!

  1. Yak tracks saved my life in New England. Unfortunately I then fell on a docile slope in Edinburgh, Scotland and broke my leg in two places. So please please go carefully and resist the temptation to laugh at squirrels in future 😟

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    • I have Yak trax knock offs but it didn’t look bad out there. I was wrong. Its always the docile places that catch you, right? The squirrel was quite alarmed chattering like a maniac at us but unable to move. It was comical. But my dog couldn’t possibly have given chase because he was slipping everywhere too.

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