Reality check

On the drive to work Thursday darling husband said “I’m going to get a hold of a grade 9 calculus text book.”


“I think I can master it at last.” This he based on his Tuesday experience supply teaching a math class at his old high school. Note: His subject area before retirement was English.

“Wow. Good for you. I’ll stick to trying to master life.”

“I think calculus is probably easier.”

“Smart calculation,” I thought.


Spring run-off – Rideau River, Ottawa, ON



27 thoughts on “Reality check

  1. I suspect calculus falls in that category called Unfinished Business for your husband. Kudos to him, because whenever I contemplate my Unfinished Business it makes me cringe. It ain’t never gonna happen … not in this lifetime.

    … but I was actually pretty good in Calculus. I even took it as an option to my Business degree in 1st year university – at least until I realized I was working much harder than I needed to. I’ve now killed all those brain cells. Calculus doesn’t live here anymore :/


  2. They teach calc in grade 9 now?! When I was in school we only got algebra in 9th and I don’t think they did calculus until senior year! I’m with you–life, while not easy, seems a more worthwhile field of study!


    • Maybe its a component of gr. 9 math. Not sure. Didn’t ask for details as I was too surprised and then slightly terrified at the prospect of having to listen to him talk about math and equations and other unfathomable-to-me numbery stuff.


  3. I hated math in highschool (though I was OK with geometry, but was dismal at any of the rest of it.) Never took calculus as it wasn’t a requirement back in the 70s. Had to take remedial math, two semesters of it, to be able to take the one semester of algebra I needed at Michigan State for my business degree. Graduated in 1978 and hoped never to ever have to look at math again.

    Worked for a bank and decided to get my MBA. You had to have calculus to get into the program. So I took Calculus for the business major at a community college. I thought it was sort of interesting and I could do the problems pretty much. I’ve forgotten it all now. BUT the kicker was, when I sat down for the interview to get accepted into the MBA program at UM they told me I didn’t have to take calculus, they would have waived it for me. Right.

    So….good for him! Learning a new thing. It’s not impossible to learn calculus and I bet he feels pretty proud of himself for figuring it out. I did! Still do even though I never use it and can’t remember anything other than it was used to figure out how big a box would fit in a mailbox and how high something would go before returning to earth. I think.

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    • Wow, Dawn, I’m so impressed with a) you have an MBA, b)you took and PASSED calculus after high school. Yes, I’m actually quite proud of husband for deciding, at 65, to learn something this hard. And he’s actually excited about it. That in itself is remarkable

      I too needed a tutor (a math smart girlfriend) to help me pass the required grade 11 course in order to graduate. I believe my final grade was a C- but it was a pass!


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