Words Never Fail Me


Montreal Botanical Gardens – August 2018

Silky morning breeze
around my neck
murmurs through
sun-scrubbed leaves.

Startled by tranquility
I lift my coffee cup,
taste bitter
wrapped in bliss,
and discover


*What the heck, Susanne, you say, is syzygy? Sub i for y and the word is pronounced siz-i-jee. In the context of this poem it means “any two related things, either alike or opposite”.

It also means inspiration because as I sat pondering a piece of personal non-fiction I’m struggling to get just right (and write) and nothing worked, I found this word accidentally on Dictionary.com. The other implacable draft dropped away and off I went on this poem. One word changed the morning from self-flagellating defeat to a small victory.

Words never fail to inspire me.

18 thoughts on “Words Never Fail Me

  1. I shall be waiting for silky morning breezes to ‘sidle’ around my neck. Love the way you evoke sensuous imagery Susanne ……. and that new word – it’s the kind that must be rolled around in it’s pronunciation.

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    • I went searching to find out what the suffix “ygy” or “gy”means but found nothing. We’ll just create a new meaning such as “carbonated cousin”. Love your wit, Melissa.


  2. I was once diagnosed with post-traumatic syzygy. Fortunately clean living and indomitable good humor pulled me through. I’m happy to report the syz is in remission, but the ygy still acts up from time to time.

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