A Pagan’s Creed

I believe in big trees
Douglas firs, maples, white pine
rooted in damp earth, fertile,
abundant deep breathers,
sweepers and cleaners
of air.

I believe in one swaddling sky
the only sky above me,
universal, maternal, fragile
revealing light,
blue infinity,

Misbegotten, I became a lover of you
and your children, rain and sun.
Through sky and earth I know
my body, spirit, mind live
here and only

You whittled me, made me fit,
gave me space to be,
to crucify and bury worry,
grow hope repeatedly,
a seedling, sapling, fledgling

I look forward to my resurrection
born anew as a tree,
where I exhale for you
and pray this earthly heaven continues
despite our sins and trespasses
against you.

I believe in big trees,
earth, sky – and her children
sun and



27 thoughts on “A Pagan’s Creed

  1. I adore this. The imagery, the forgive us our trespasses and sins. All of it. I read it twice. And the picture is stunning I too long to return as a tree. I had no idea poetry was in your wheel house. From one non-practising Pagan to another, BEAUTIFUL.

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    • Hello fellow tree lover! I believe the font is called “Tangerine” and I chose it from those available when you customize your site. I like it too because it reminds me of modern calligraphy.

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  2. I really enjoyed this Susanne I know Audrey will too. She reintroduced me to trees when we were first together on our nature walks now I marvel and appreciate them so much more. We are so fortunate to live in an area where there are so many.

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    • Thanks, Kerry. I was reminded of the Apostle’s Creed at GHW Bush’s funeral and for some reason the phrase “I believe in trees” popped into my head and that’s how it grew. I don’t think there’s anything too mysterious about this poem – just a love of nature. I’m glad you liked it!


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