Numbered Days


02/26/2019, 0600, -22 Celsius or Fahrenheit
matters naught, either way the mathematical
conversion equals ice.

I push my tootsies into felt lined “Joan of Arctic”
boots temperature rated to -32 C (-25 F)
and squint into the morning’s sub-zero blast,

dream of the day spring brings a new
numerology. We count on Pi Day to celebrate,
defrosting last summer’s cherries sweetened

beneath a warm crust. Until then, I trundle
past the Christmas tree the garbage men forgot
in January, still hidden under its snow sarcophagus.


8 thoughts on “Numbered Days

  1. Wonderful imagery!! I like how you conveyed the sense of cold – and the feeling looking forward to Pi day. Love the Christmas tree “sarcophagus”! I like cherry pie too, and blueberry. Of course a key lime is nice. Chocolate too. I can go for an infinity of pie. 😉

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  2. I am freezing reading this!!!! Even in Arizona where the gardener is lying on a chaise lounge in the sun LOL. I am marathon reading a bunch of Louise Penny books so I am really feeling Canada . . . .

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