The Ol’ Ball and Chain


Winter, which drags on like a ball and chain in Ottawa despite the good cheer of robins and red wing blackbirds, has been a pain in my hips. Prolonged sitting – or even brief sitting – brings sharp hot jabs to my derriere. Concentration is difficult so writing has been sporadic and targeted. Blogging, in case you hadn’t noticed my absence, has been difficult.

Look. I’m not complaining. I still have my teeth, all my limbs, and most of my faculties. Those I’m missing are bolstered by my long suffering spouse. Together we are one. Occasionally gas erupts unexpectedly but I have a dog at home and at work my chair has a squeaky wheel to blame. Plus, a well-timed loud toe-tap can sound remarkably like a fart.

Evenings, which formerly were devoted to you, your concerns and interests, I spend on a yoga mat attending to the lengthy physio exercises and stretching routine that will render me as limber and pain free as a puppy. I must persist. But overall, really, I’m fine. Just fine.

I’m telling you this not for your pity (though I’m not above that), but because I miss you, think of you often, and wish I could be with you more. Time, they say, heals all wounds. The pain in my ass will pass and I’ll be back.

In the meantime, meet Crystal Anderson. She’s new to blogosphere and is an enormously talented storyteller. Please drop into Crystal’s blog and say hello.


The dirty dog in dirty snow demands his due, despite my dragging derriere. 


31 thoughts on “The Ol’ Ball and Chain

  1. That is some serious snow. Hopefully it has eased up a bit. Out here in Oregon we’ve said goodbye to the cold rain of March and hello to the slightly warmer rain of April. Bring on May when it kind of feels like bathwater.

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    • As I write it is snowing – again. I, however, have turned up the heat in the house, put on some shorts and slathered Coppertone on my arms just to get that summertime feeling again. Sigh.


  2. I can’t stop saying “Oh, Susanne” but OMG you are hilarious in spite of your pain and maybe because of it. Why have I never stopped by here before???? I love your pragmatic view of the pain in the bum of life. I’ll keep good thoughts for you and hope you can get back to blogging comfortably. Do get better soon.

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  3. Well, I can’t push the ‘like’ button if you’re all hurt and stuff. But I DID like Crystal’s piece on the eclipse! Thanks for putting her link in your post! And I hope you feel better real soon!!

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  4. It must be something about the alignment of the planets because it seems so many people have had a topsy-turvy life the past month!

    I empathize with you about the pain in the butt. I too have been trying to correct a glute problem since the end of January when perhaps it was a bit misguided of me to think I could skate for 3 km. I’ve been paying the price ever since – both figuratively and literally with massage and chiro bills – not to mention all the stretching and rolling.

    Hope you are starting to get some relief. It sounds counterintuitive but I’ve been noticing considerably more improvement doing weight exercises (like deadlifts with 5-lb weights) and core work like planks (does anyone like doing planks?). I guess the bottom line is my core is weaker than it should be.

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    • My physiotherapist has given me a variety of strengthening exercises as well as stretching to improve the situation. Planks are part of the array as is some balance work. I haven’t added weights yet because the darn thing flares up whenever I try even just 2 lbs. Anyway, it is a slow process but after about 8 weeks, I’m starting to feel the shift.

      Skating is definitely a no-no! I attempted the canal a few times in February with predictable (I now realize) consequences. Keep working, on it, Joanne. Never surrender!


      • You actually made me feel better about my skating ‘injury’. I thought it was just a case of me being a really bad skater.

        Of all things, walking really aggravates it but doing the strengthening work is making a difference. Glad to hear it is helping you too but the progress is soooo slooooow.

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  5. I was just reading about “weaver’s bottom” for a possible blog post: Ischial bursitis, an “irritation or inflammation of the ischial bursa, a fluid-filled sac located between the ischial tuberosity and the tendons that connect the hamstring muscle to the bone.” Could that be your issue? It sounds awful . . .

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    • Thanks for that tip, Kerry. I looked up ischial bursitis and it sounds like a contender. I’ll bring it up with my physio on my next appointment. I’ll tell her I have “weaver’s bottom”. 😉


  6. Wow, thank you so much for boosting my blog!!! I’m honored!

    I hope things warm up soon and give your body a break up there! In the meanwhile, yoga really is amazing. Hope it keeps helping!

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    • The community centre across from work has a Monday lunch-hour yoga class targeted at hips, back, and shoulder – all my sweet spots.

      I hope more people find their way to your blog. I love your work.


  7. Ah. Yeah. We miss you too. It’s no picnic for me now, and it ain’t gettin better – strangely mine’s worse in summer. My hips are okay, so I’ll count that extra blessing tonight, thank you. Stay on your mat much as you can, I believe in the stretching — AND THE THAW!

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    • Thank you for commiserating with me, Joey. I hope you improve for the spring. Worry about the summer when it comes. And yay – the thaw is here, praise be. I’m determined to get the kink out for summer cycling season.

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  8. Pain is a monster no matter where it rears its ugly head. I’m so sorry for the pain in your ass – I had wondered what was going on…take care of yourself. We will be here when you come back.

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