The ants came first. Her buds,
they said, asked for it.

Round and green, unopened yet –
you bet she asked for it.

Her nectar egged them on.
Don’t you forget who asked for it!

Her perfume and the bouncing skirt she wore,
she chose, and asked for it.

Look at her! Impossible to ignore
those carpels. Naturally, she asked for it.

What else could I do? Her beauty made me
helpless and asked for it.

Plucked and ruined, dropped inside a vase,
peony, bitch, you asked for it.


The carpel, or pistil, is the female part of the peony. It includes the flower’s swollen base, called the ovary; the stalk going up from the ovary, called the style; and the pollen-receptive stalk-tip, called the stigma.

16 thoughts on “Excuses

  1. More white peonies!!! Were yours also labelled red? 😉

    As soon as I read the opening line I suspected this was going to be about peonies. Great poem. Now every time I go outside to look at mine I shall think ‘Peony, bitch, you asked for it’ 😆

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