Wisdom Wednesday

Don’t worry about being good. Instead, be willing to risk being bad. What’s good is often just what’s bad in a fresh new way. If you can’t be good at least be bad in not the same old way. – Pino Coluccio, Canadian poet


21 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday

  1. I try to think of those times as fallow periods – something is going on beneath the surface and it’ll emerge at some point, I think writing is 80% pondering 🙂 I felt a bit the same about some of my stories lately – the ones that I’ve submitted however many times and they’ve never got anywhere, which makes me wonder if they’re any good, so I’ve just printed those half a dozen or so off and started revising and tightening them up – and I’ve enjoyed the process.

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  2. I’m in a same but different boat – I feel ashamed to admit it, but I am so bored with my subject and am having trouble finding the discipline sticking with the project – the research is done and now I realize that was the truly fun part – the discovery – the stitching together of the bits and pieces is the tiresome job.

    So, I’ve pushed myself away from the keyboard to give myself a break. Fortunately, I have a deadline commitment to meet, so it will be a short break.

    For you and your first case of writer’s block – I suppose that’s a cause for celebration in a weird sort of way – you have arrived! Three cheers for the beers!

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    • I have so many partly finished stories and essays that I can’t bear to look at any more. Some have made the rounds of various journals (all rejected) and have come back with kind comments but I look at them and wonder should I keep tweaking?

      I’ve heard other writers moan about how much they hate their book when its finally edited to completion so I think your boredom is probably part of the process. Maybe once you start knitting the pieces together the juice will start flowing again?


  3. I can think of 100 news ways to be bad! The beer glass makes me think of one I saw–the Sam Adams brewery sells a beer called 26.2 every year for the Boston Marathon. I could never run that far so I drink the beer, in solidarity with the runners!


  4. As you well know, I’m a novelist, not a poet. But I’ve gotta say, Coluccio’s words really resonate with me. Baring one’s soul can be way riskier than baring one’s behind, though I’m not terribly eager to experiment. Putting your words, your thoughts, and your emotions out in the world for every flavor of Tom, Dick, and Hourie to walk on them is intimidating. And it should be. Going ahead and doing it–that takes guts. So, how does one do it? One can start by believing–in their art, in their skill, and in their soul. Do it! Take the step. Be brave. Write the damned story! (Or, if you’re more of the iambic pentameter crowd, write the frickin’ poem!) Still waiting for your novel, by the way. [smile]

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    • I’m struggling these days, Josh. Pen and paper are not talking to each other and nothing I do is resulting in anything I’d post or consider polishing. I believe I have my first case of writer’s block.


      • Consider playing “What if.” Sometimes it’ll warm up sluggish synapses and get them firing again. For instance, try answering a bizarre question like: “What if someone else has taken partial control of my brain, and it’s their fault I don’t want to write?” Or “What if I discovered that something I always assumed was inanimate actually has thoughts, feelings, and a life of its own?” Or “What if I could communicate with my pet telepathically?” Or “What if I was framed for murdering someone I really loathed?” Or “What if my feet (back, knees, elbows, whatever) *really* are killing me?” Etc. Quite often we just need to get out of our own way. Making it fun–at least for me!–has always worked. Well, that and bourbon. [smile]

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        • All great suggestions, Josh. I have at least 1/2 dozen stories that need revision and I’ve resisted which may be the root of my block. I’ll give your ideas a try. Bourbon sounds good, too!


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