Wisdom Wednesday

Getting old has a pretty bad rap, hasn’t it? It seemed the best anyone could ever say about it was getting old is better than death but not by much. But you know, turns out that’s not true. I mean, it’s been wonderful to be an older woman because as an older woman you get the opportunity to stop always straining to be the object of somebody else’s desire and you finally, finally get the chance to become the subject of your own life. And that’s when you can really, REALLY, start to live.

Mary Walsh, Canadian actress and comedian, March 31, 2019 Canadian Screen Awards

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24 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday

  1. So absolutely true!!! Loved this and so delighted to keep getting older. I get to watch reruns now and it seems as though they are brand new. Bad memory blessings. 🙂 I would never, ever want to go back except to maybe hold on to my health better. It’s liberating.

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  2. I love this. I know that, at 32, I’m hardly qualified to express an opinion on this, but I’m already completely flummoxed when I hear people wish for their 20s again. I know there’s more complication to come, but my experience so far is that age comes with opportunities for so much growth and clarity that I wouldn’t want to trade years away.

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    • Somethings get clearer, Crystal, and others get foggier. I used to see the world in black and white and now I see a lot of grey – not just my hair either. Perhaps the ability to see grey IS the growth?

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      • That’s been my experience so far. Almost as though realizing that things are shades of grey IS the clarity and the wisdom. Being able to sit with complication and realizing that the fogginess is a critical part of the bigger picture.

        I used to think things were SUPPOSED to be simple and I’d get all angsty when they weren’t. Now I realize that “supposed to” isn’t even really relevant – life just IS messy, and the mess is where the magic happens.

        (And I love the grey hairs I keep finding. I got my grandfather’s Swedish hair, so it’s turning shiny silver. I’m looking forward to looking like a fairy when the brown is gone!)

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  3. AND, older women have the cloak of invisibility, which enables us to steal stuff with impunity. (And if Impunity isn’t home, we steal alone.)

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