Modern Romance

No one ripped my bodice,
no kiss lifted
my right leg acutely,
nor did I ever tango
or tangle in slick Tide
washed sheets rapturously.

But once, a guy yanked
my hair and cold-cocked
me on the headboard.
I roused, laughed. What else
could I do? Of course,
I groaned and swooned,
played the sexual buffoon.

He came. I went
and showered, closed
the curtain.
No knives flashed,
no violins squealed.
Rose scented bubbles
trickled down
the drain.

man kissing woman on street

Photo credit: William Recinos – Unsplash (Acute leg lift)

15 thoughts on “Modern Romance

  1. The acute right leg lift is one of the silliest contrived postures ever. In my opinion it’s right up there with the duck face. There! I said it! I admit to being the old fuddy-duddy that I am 😉

    Now ‘sexual buffoon’ … that’s a different story ….

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