How azul the pool,
how vermelha the vinho,
how frisky the wind in the trees,
how blinding the sun-blasted sea.

How deftly the swallows
wet bellies and beaks,
lift and swing in the breeze,
how swiftly they whisk past me.

How, of nine who recline,
I alone stare not at my phone,
how I applaud the acrobats
who whirl by me.

The pool in Portugal


17 thoughts on “How?

  1. That always amazes me when I’m out witnessing wonders, too – that so many people are just unaware of how much they’re missing. It makes me wonder how much I’m still missing, even as I’m trying to pay better attention!

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    • I actually did not bring my phone on that holiday because I didn’t want to mediate all my experiences through the phone. And it was lovely to be liberated from that device for a while.


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