29 thoughts on “Mater reductio ad absurdum?

  1. Oooh, that’s a little bitter!! Yeah, this year my son texted me, “Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!” And no phone call! He had sent a lovely gift though. Apparently he’s been so busy with work (at home for now) that he was depleted. I understand that. Daughter though was here for 5 hours with fiance and puppy :).

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    • Funny thing, Shubha, when i posted it I almost removed the comments because I was afraid I’d offend. I had no idea there’d be some who felt the same way I do. Another reason to love blogging.


  2. So my quippy reply was: at least in your simile version, you got an orgasm. All I got was a text.
    (Not entirely true). I also got a few phone calls and at least one almost reflection on possibly having been an enjoyable person to travel with. Almost. I’ll cast my vote to do away with Mother’s Day.

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