Thirsty Thursday

“Wrong was easy: gravity helped it.
Right is difficult and long.”
Wendell Berry

I lifted this quote from a blog called earthweal where Brendan writes essays on nature and climate change and posts related poetry challenges. His posts are insightful, loving, hopeful and beautiful and might inspire you to pick up your pen in your thirst for peace in CoVid time. 

The quote from Wendell Berry struck me as appropriate for the challenge we face during the pandemic – giving up convenience and what we used to think of as normal for doing something that might be a lot harder and take much longer than the time it takes to drink our double-shot caramel macchiato. 

MarshRoseThese days time feels like an ice-cube in August. Stay cool, friends.


P.S. – In case you hadn’t noticed, I am posting less frequently as I work on a long project. If you’d like, you can find me on Instagram where I drop pictures of my adorable dog or from my daily walks. No politics, no platform, no mean memes. I am NOT an influencer, just a human.

Social media and I have an uneasy history and the account is private so if I don’t recognize your name, I won’t confirm the follow request. There are limits, dear people. 


22 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

    • Oh. Boy. Long project. How DO you do it, Sue? I’m on the verge of abandoning said project for short stories again. I’m boring myself with this novel so that sounds like a reason to move on, right?

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      • My secret for doing long projects is that I break every long project down into a smithereens of microscopically small projects. I’m a believer in the “Very Small Goals” (VSG) philosophy of the creative life as it makes it manageable for me: i.e. I can tell myself “all i have to do today is….” followed by such absurdly small easily achievable VSG’s such as
        1 – get out my pad of paper before noon
        2 – get my rhyme dictionary, etc inspiring source out and look at it during lunch
        3 – fill my fountain pen with ink after lunch
        4 – write the first thing that I think of
        5 – pretend that first thing’s perfect and add something else…
        6 – try to make myself laugh by one small rhyme/scene…

        And so forth, basically just keep it small, keep going, keep it fun… (rewrite and polish a piece in VSG type chunks much much much later)

        I too have had moments of being on the verge of abandoning a project because I’m boring myself – so my mantra that’s worked for me is “what VSG can I do on this project that would be fun/playful?” Then do that. Even if it’s out of order for the project. Figure out how to fit it into the project order later.

        If breaking things to small silly fun VSG chunks doesn’t revive your own interest in the project then yes dump that sucka in a drawer.
        Life is too short to spend time on creative projects that aren’t fun.

        If I need to spend lots of time doing something not fun I can clean out and organize my closets. 😝🤣

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        • Sue, these are wonderful suggestions to keep the muse alive. You should turn this into a post!

          I do a couple of the things you suggest, such as writing scenes that are not necessarily in chronological order – something fun to keep me interested. I especially like your idea to write something funny. I think sometimes I take myself too seriously. (as an aside, I like cleaning out my closets.)


          • Lol!! So glad what I wrote might have been useful. And I’ll take to heart your suggestion about turning this into a post…or something.
            And yes, creating just to make yourself giggle is such a useful way to keep projects from getting “too serious”. (In response to your aside about closets:…😳‼💚 ….)

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  1. I’ve been virtually non-existent on social media. Every once in a while I pop in just to say hi to a few people. It’s a weird year and for the most part, I just don’t feel like engaging. I too would just like the weight of this fear and uncertainty to end. Someday.

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    • Popping in to say hi has been my approach, lately too. Once in a while I rouse myself from anxiety and write a post but it is SO hard. I am trying to keep a pen and paper journal which isn’t going much better than blogging but it feels better than nothing. As for my longer project, at the rate I’m going there will be a cure for cancer before I’m done.


      • Ha! With big projects, I do remind myself that, like a journey of a 1,000 miles, each step forward brings me closer to eventual completion. Good luck with your project. I hope you will share it – or some of it – with us someday.

        In the meantime, be well. These strange times aren’t finished with us.

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  2. I have never wished away a summer before…but, for me, time is going by so slowly, and I want to get past the virus, past the election, past the hate. I don’t know if there IS a way to get past the hate thing. Hopeful though.

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    • I’m not wishing the summer away, just the virus, though that seems like wishful thinking. Things are improving in Ontario thanks to sensible leadership and reasonable citizenry. Wishing the same for you, too, Dawn.


    • Its actually a swamp near a place called Point Pelee in south western Ontario – very far away from Ottawa. About as far away as you can go and not land in Detroit. The day we were there was sweltering, humid and a storm was moving in. A family was there with their dog who thought exactly as you did and dove in from the boardwalk. He was followed by a teenager who did her darndest to hoist him out. They both survived though I bet they both had a shower as soon as they got home.

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