Spring 2020

After almost thirty years puttering in our small townhouse patch attempting to grow all manner of inappropriate things for the sun and soil conditions, I recognize that to be a gardener is to cultivate hope. And in the summer of 2020 more than anything, I needed a sanctuary of hope, someplace to sit and think or more likely, not think, and just breathe and be. Astonishingly, in the tire fire that has been 2020, an Asiatic lily bloomed after 10 years of nothing. All I did this year was move the plant one foot where it got just a bit more sun, enough to coax four flowers.

This fall I’ve had two acceptances for pieces of my writing. That gives me hope, too. The difference? Time. I retired on April 1 this year and I’ve had time to write, edit, research potential homes for my writing, and submit. I moved into the sun. 

Fittingly, my first published poem is about hope. You can find it in Bywords, an on-line magazine published in Ottawa, Canada.  “Bywords mission is to publish the poetry of current and former Ottawa residents, students and workers and to promote Ottawa’s literary, spoken word, storytelling and nonfiction activities.” Works are chosen by a panel of readers with poetry, academic and publishing credentials and to those folks I say thank you. I am tickled beyond belief that my first published poem appears in Ottawa’s own Bywords.



31 thoughts on “Hope

  1. To quote the late English writer Osbert Sitwell: “Poetry is like fish: if it’s fresh, it’s good; if it’s stale, it bad; and if you’re not certain, try it on the cat.”
    This cat found it very fresh.

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  2. Ahh Susanne! ❤ I tend to bitch about the word "hope" in response to the crises at hand but this poem is a perfect example of the opposite. Now I feel like Amore and how quickly he built a trap for my own no-longer-secret mouse hope. I teared up into tortellini.

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  3. Huge congratulations on your successful gardening and even more for your accepted work – such an encouragement to a gifted writer. Well deserved. The poem is excellent – what a great idea to use the mouse as your companion, and of course I would expect you to mention your shoes!
    Bravo, Susanne!

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