The source


Even in rain
blooms lean to light

even in rain
sing sun an ovation

even in rain
grasp glory

glory even
even in rain.




Darling starlings

Image result for european starling

Dozens of alarm clocks squawk
– these darling starlings –

speak sun, speak beams,
speak corn snow soon to go,

squawk sun loaded bullets
to snow below – warning squawks fired.

Light flickers behind our shut eyes,
the Greek Chorus sings: yellow beaks

speak spring, speak spring! Awake!
We are here. We are here!


Sit and reflect

Sit and reflect

A green lawn chair
by the woods.
I sit.

My fretful steps forgotten.
by undulating drifts
and hiding beneath
the trembling storm,
I sit.

Behind looms
the forest. Forward,
just a few steps
beyond the last stand,
a field.
I sit.

So much past.
Savouring the future.
I sit.

*Written in response to the weekly photo challenge – Reflections. On my usual daily walk, albeit in a robust snowstorm, I noticed this lawn chair in the woods. What a perfect spot – in the summer – to sit and think.

Aqua diva

Rolling, rolling, rolling,
Sucking at landlubber toes,
bubbling, spitting salty debris –
it is a mess.

An aqua diva tossing to the beach
Her cast away trinkets.
Frothy tributes strewn beachside
From deep lovers long lost at sea:
Undulating ribbon necklaces,
Empurpled bracelets.
Her flotsam.
Bull kelp

(In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea)