Rose’s boyfriend

Text message to Rosie Yes, come home. Yes, bring your new boyfriend. Xo Mom

Text message to Mom Derrick and I want to take u out to dinner – Noseworthy’s Bistro. Don’t cook.

Text message to Rosie Anything I should know/avoid/praise about Derrick?

Text message to Mom He’s from Newfoundland. He’s an orphan.

It hit me hard, like she had disconnected all the valves in my heart and then reattached them to the wrong arteries. Another boyfriend – an orphan boyfriend. Upside: No in-laws. Downside: Unknown gene-pool. But at least she’s coming home. Continue reading

Rose Laine

Harry plucked burrs from the tall black llama, Elvis’, coat, humming “You were always on my mind”, and glancing every few seconds through the window of the Twist of Fate, their knitting studio in the converted barn. He could see Vee and Rose Laine in profile. Neither smiled. They looked like they were negotiating a peace settlement between Israel and Palestine, not participating in a job interview. Vee didn’t smile much these days. She told Harry smiling pulled on the scarred skin of her scalp which felt like wet tissue paper about to tear. Continue reading